London Cat Clinic

6 Stanley St
London, ON N6C 1A8


Welcome to London Cat Clinic!

NEWS:  The week of January 10 to 14, we will be closing early due to staff shortages.

We will be open from 8 am to 5 pm only.

Thanks for understanding


London Cat Clinic is a Feline Only Veterinary Clinic, with an emphasis on thoroughness, communication and compassion. London Cat Clinic has helped cats and their families from London as well as Strathroy, St. Thomas, Dorchester, Aylmer, Thamesford and surrounding areas. We are centrally located at York St and Wortley Rd in London, Ontario and have ample parking. 

We welcome new patients.  Feel free to drop by and meet the staff and Veterinarians Dr. Sharon Rosenberg and Dr. Maryanne Maloney!



Diagnostics & Therapeutics

We are equipped to provide diagnostic and therapeutic services to care for your cat's complete health care needs, with in house labs and X-rays as well as ultrasound  

Medicine &

We offer emergency and critical care medical services, routine surgeries, some emergency surgeries as well as wellness exams. 

Dental Care

Our dental services include, cleaning, polishing, periodontal treatment, dental X-rays, extractions & some oral surgery.


Almost any disease can benefit from treatment with Acupuncture and most cats love the acupuncture experience!


We see both regular patients as well as "grooming-only" patients. If you have any questions or want to schedule a grooming appointment, please give us a call!

COVID-19: Practice Updates & Pet Health Information

We are now open for routine appointments... BUT... it is still not Business As Usual.

 We are open for all routine and non-routine appointments.

 We will still be using the drop off scenario into our vestibule.

 We would ask you to then wait in the car, or proceed home if you prefer and await our call.

 All surfaces will be wiped between appointments therefore appointments will be spaced out a bit more than usual.



We Cater to Patients with Various Needs...


Our cat hospital also provides ancillary services such as laboratory testing, radiology, chemotherapy, pain management, blood pressure monitoring, and referrals for ultrasound and scoping.


We provide life-stage wellness care and recommendations, with an emphasis on both kitten and senior wellness as well as weight and dental management in the middle years.


Please feel free to browse the pages and get to know us.  We also welcome enquiries by phone or by email.